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3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Vs 15-Day Business Builder Challenge

3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Vs 15-Day Business Builder Challenge

I can't count the number of times people have asked me which of Jonathan Montoya's 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge or David Sharp's (Legendary Marketer) 15-Day Business Builder Challenge to choose in order to learn affiliate marketing the right way.

Consider this blog post as a double review...

3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

15-Day Business Builder Challenge Review.

First of all, I did both of them. So I know exactly what I am talking about.

Which one is the best?

Before answering which one is the best, it's important to understand the content of each online course.

Both of them teach how to start an online business with affiliate marketing. However, how can we determine which one you should pick?

Let's start analyzing what both have to offer.

3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge

Owner: Jonathan Montoya

What you get inside the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge:

1: Jonathan will explain his 3-step system to get commissions. The 3 steps are very simple and do not require technical skills.

2: Jonathan will build a business with his 3-step system in front of you to show you how easy it is.

3: You will learn how to get traffic to your automated system


Jonathan will show his 6-figure funnel

He will also teach you about a viral video script

Top secret keywords


  1. Really focused on affiliate marketing

  2. Straight to the point

  3. All classes are unlocked from day 1

  4. Beginner Friendly

  5. Very helpful Facebook community


  1. A lot to learn and master in a very short period of time

  2. No coaching or dedicated mentor

  3. Nothing about the mindset to adopt when you run a business

15-Day Business Builder Challenge

Owner: Legendary Marketer (David Sharp)

What you get inside the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge:

1: The 4 high-online ticket business models

2: High-income skills (lead, copywriting, sales).

3: Mindset lessons

4: How to drive traffic to your offer


Funnel templates

High-ticket email templates

High-ticket video and phone scripts

1 on 1 business plan advisor and customized business plan


  1. More content (mindset, high-income skills, business models)

  2. 1 on 1 business advisor (cons also)

  3. Funnel template for each business model

  4. Beginner Friendly

  5. Huge Facebook community


  1. Days are locked. Waiting time to expect

  2. Waiting time to book the call with your personal advisor

  3. The personal advisor is also selling for Legendary Marketer. Some of them can be pushy and try to sell you a high-priced class.

So which one between the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge OR the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge should you choose?

Both of them offer great stuff.

However, if you want to learn quickly the basics of affiliate marketing I would recommend the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge. Jonathan goes straight to the point and you don't have to go through useless blah blah blah. Jonathan also offers a 4-digit price class (Freedom Breakthrough 2.0), but he will never try to push it in your throat. Just like with Legendary Marketer, the full class could help you to crush it online faster, but it's not mandatory.

If on the opposite you have time in front of you. If you have no clue about affiliate marketing and how to start, then Legendary Marketer is the best fit for you. Your personal advisor can guide you to build your business plan. But don't fall immediately into the highly-priced upsells your advisor will try to sell to you. Yes, their full class could speed up your learning curve and give you a big boost to start your online business, but not everyone can afford a 4-digit price online class.


Remi Cote is a blogger specializing in the world of affiliate marketing and how to make money online as well as 30 years of experience in the IT industry.

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