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4 tips to succeed As An Affiliate Marketing Beginner

Being a successful affiliate marketer doesn't come alone. Constant & hard work is one of the key to become successful with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to make money from home and make money online..

Here are my 4 main tips to succeed as an affiliate marketer:

1- Affiliate Marketing is easy. Don't make the process too complicated

Most people never start because they think it is too difficult. Many times, people try to learn all about affiliate marketing even before starting from their first website. It's not that difficult, and you don't have to learn everything.

Just start.

What is difficult to do is to have enough resilience to keep working hard for at least 3-12 months in order to see good results.

If you want to learn the basics before starting your own online affiliate marketing business, then get good training. Be careful of gurus out there that are showing off their Ferrari and expensive watches and promising to become rich in 48 hours.

If you are looking for a good education about affiliate marketing, I recommend to take the 15-day business builder challenge from Legendary Marketer, or, opt for the 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge from Jonathan Montoya. At least, with them you will get training from someone who was mentioned before in Forbes and It's the best place I have found to learn affiliate marketing.

2- Promote the affiliate products that you know

The MOST important thing is to understand and believe in the product or brand you want to promote.

Therefore, choose a product that you can understand and believe in. Don't make the mistake to start promoting anything and everything that you can find. Become a reference... be known for a specific niche. How can I trust your knowledge if you are promoting dog training, auto parts, luxury airplane, travel, and a software?

Then, really understand your target audience: how to best attract them and why they want to buy the products you offer. Solve a problem with your product.

Having an audience connected to your content and products means they are more likely to buy the products you recommend. As I mentioned above, as an affiliate marketer, your goal is to become an authority figure on the products you intend to promote.

3- Be realistic about affiliate marketing

Establishing an affiliate marketing business has the potential to generate a considerable passive income stream, and there is a great opportunity to expand and expand into something huge.

Moreover, it is important to understand that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and income is not always stable.

If you work hard, you will be successful, but it still takes a lot of time. Don't think and don't believe that everyone can have success within a few weeks with affiliate marketing. It's not TRUE. Of course, some affiliate marketers can generate big incomes quite fast, but it's not the majority of them. It TAKES TIME & EFFORT!

You need to be mentally prepared to invest time, be patient and work hard. Having unrealistic expectations will ensure that you are too early.

4- Be patient

You will need consistent work & effort to have success with your affiliate marketing journey. Because, yes it's a journey.

At the beginning, you will have energy and determination to have success with affiliate marketing. But, the results might not come as quickly as you would like or wish. If you got training and learned the basics of affiliate marketing, if you are applying what you've learned, if you are consistent, if you create good content on a regular basis, then the success will come to you... Just don't abandon too quickly. You never know if tomorrow is the day of your first high ticket commission. Just go for it!


These 4 tips are very simple... but they are true.

If you decide to do affiliate marketing, be prepared to invest time and effort on a regular basis. After all, you are trying to build a passive income to have a better financial future.

Those are 4 general tips... I'm not including that you will have to use tools and gather the email addresses of your potential customers to be able to make follow-ups with them. I'm not talking here about the email marketing campaigns that you should do. I'm not talking here about the sales funnels... You can find blog post about that here on my blog.

So be consistent and don't abandon.

Photo Credit: Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

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