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7 habits to develop for affiliate marketers

7 Habits to develop for Affiliate Marketers

Being a successful affiliate marketer is not only a matter of "selling" things to people. It's more than that. Every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that you must brand yourself first...and stop "selling" things.

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Here are 7 habits that every affiliate marketer should develop to gain success:

1- Be Proactive

Don't wait for opportunities to come to you. Go in front of the parade. Do not procrastinate. If something can be done today, do it today. Take action, and take action now!

2- Begin with the final result in mind

What are you trying to achieve? Are you targeting $2000 per month? $10000 per month?

If you are planning to quit your 9 to 5 job, when is that? In 6 months? In 12 months?

Your target results and target goals should always be in your mind. If you are too vague about your targets, you will not put in the necessary efforts to achieve your goals.

3- Win-Win Thinking

As mentioned in the introduction, don't try to "sell" things at all costs. Don't try to just get the money of your potential customers. In your relationships with your potential customers, focus on the solution that you can bring to their problems. You HELP them, and you get a commission... that's a Win-win.

4- Understand your potential customers... not the opposite

Seek to understand what your potential customers really want. Understand what their want to achieve. Understand what problem they are trying to resolve. But you must also understand why they have objections to buy from you. Make surveys to understand your audience. Get involved in discussions. Make comments when you can (for example in Facebook groups). But don't comment with your affiliate's not working. Engage with your potential customers to better understand what they are struggling with.

5- Understand and know what you are promoting

If you are promoting a product, software, or service, make sure that you know it well. Make a review of the pros and cons...Demonstrate that you really know the product well. You will gain authority. Once you already know the product well... you tried it... you understand it... then it's time to build your sales funnel and post content around it.

I know it sounds a lot of work... but it will bring you more sales. Don't forget to make follow-ups with them with your email campaign.

6- Create Synergy

Promoting other's people product makes you a team member of the company you are affiliated with. Create a synergy with them. Use the tools that they offer and add your personal touch to it.... brand yourself around your affiliate product.

7- Get better

An affiliate marketer is a bit like an Information Technology specialist. The IT specialists always have to learn and grow... because if they don't... they will be left behind. Technology is growing at a very fast pace. IT Specialists don't have many choices but to follow the trend.

It's the same thing for affiliate marketers. Continue to learn. Improve your skills. Invest some time and effort into your education. Learning will bring you more ideas, more techniques, and more money.


The 7 habits to develop as an affiliate marketer can be summarized in LEARNING, COMMITTING, AND DOING.

If you want to read a fantastic book that goes a lot deeper... I strongly recommend the book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People". Just click on the image to be brought to Amazon.

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