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Affiliate Marketing Q&A

Affiliate Marketing Q&A
Affiliate Marketing Q&A

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Q- Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Really Worth it?

A- Not all of them. My personal experience shows that online training like free Youtube videos can be ok... but since the videos are not well structured, it gets confusing to learn from the base and go up. The best ones I attended are definitely the 15 days business builder challenge from Legendary Marketer and the 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge from Jonathan Montoya

Q- Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

A- Of course it is. It's not a pyramid scheme and it's not even a marketing network scheme. You are on your own. No one is sponsoring you and you are not sponsoring anyone either.

Q- Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

A- Well that's the big question! There is no Yes or No answer. It depends on the time and effort you put in. If you think that it's a magical "Get Rich Quick" model... then you are totally wrong. However, with time and effort, you will see results. The good thing about Affiliate Marketing is that the cost to run that kind of business is very low. You have no inventory, no customer service, no products and you don't even have to be a super good sales representative.

Q- Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

A- Yes it does. But it will not work if you have no plan or strategy. It takes time and effort to make Affiliate Marketing work. That's why the training is so important. Don't think you can be successful with Affiliate Marketing if you don't have the basic knowledge.

Q- Can you make money with Affiliate Marketing?

A- Yes. But again, it's not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Consider this as any types of business. If you don't take care of your business, it will not be successful.

Q- Can Affiliate Marketing Help My Business?

A- Yes it can. Using Affiliate Marketing can boost your sales. It's like hiring an army of sales representative paid with commissions only. You can either get your own affiliate marketing program attached to the website of your company, or you can go on affiliate marketing networks (Clickbank, Shareasale, Digistore24, CJ, JVZoo, etc) and promote your products or services there.

Q- How much do Affiliate Marketer make?

A- Anywhere between $0 and 6 or 7-figures per year. It all depends on your strategy, the efforts you put in, your content, your niche, and products.

Q- How does Affiliate Marketing works?

A- As an affiliate marketer, your role is to promote the products and services of others by doing digital marketing. You promote the products and services online through a specific URL link provided by the vendor, That URL link is exclusively for you. It allows you to track your prospects and the sales you make. You can promote that specific URL on social media networks like Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, a blog, a website, forums, etc. Once a potential customer clicks on that link, your goal is to bring that prospect into your sales funnel. It's then your opportunity to capture the email of your prospects to make further follow-ups. See our sales funnel explained post for more details.

Q- What tools/apps do affiliate marketers need?

A- As an affiliate marketer you will need an email campaign applications such as AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and Getresponse. You will also need a funnel builder to create your one page Landing Pages or Bridge Page. Companies like Clickfunnels, Builderall or Groovefunnels provide that kind of services. As your business grows, you will probably want to get more tools to track your links, some analytics, etc. I will post a topic about that in the blog very shortly.

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