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Boost SEO & Drive Traffic with Bookmarking Sites

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Boost SEO & Drive Traffic

The least we can say is that SEO is not easy to understand

Therefore, when tools make search engine optimization techniques easier, we stand up and draw attention. Social bookmarking sites are a are a way to have a huge impact.

When you list on a bookmarking site or share content through a bookmarking site, it will not only generate links (usually not followed), but it will also cause a significant increase in traffic back to your site. Social bookmarking sites can also help you build high-quality links, which is another major component that appears on page 1 of search engines.

Here are a few Social places where you can leave a trace (your link) of your own Website.

  1. Twitter

  2. Instagram

  3. Pinterest

  4. Reddit

  5. Facebook groups

  6. Linkedin

  7. Tiktok

  8. Youtube

Don't be fooled. There are multiples services out there that will offer you to create thousands of back link to your website... Search engines knows that strategy and could penalize your website in the search ranking results. So, it doesn't worth it!

How do you spread or propagate links to your website? Share your ideas in the comments.

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