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Earn Money Online As A Paid Live Chat Assistant

Get Paid to do Simple Live Chat Jobs Online

Are you looking for a job that you can do online, from home?

Do you have a laptop, tablet, or phone with a reliable internet connection?

If so, this live chat assistant job could be for you. Several Chat Assistant Companies are hiring people from all countries right now for these positions.

Full training is provided and those companies are looking for people who can start work right away.

It's an easy way to earn extra money online as a paid live chat assistant.

There are several benefits to being a live chat assistant:

  • You can work from the comfort of your home

  • You can work at the time that is most convenient for you

  • You can earn additional income

  • You can work on social media platforms that you know well

What exactly does a Live Chat Assistant do?

  1. You will work for businesses answering live chat messages on their website or social media accounts

  2. This includes answering customer questions, providing sales links, and offering discounts

  3. Live chat is now the way most consumers prefer to communicate with a business

  4. This means businesses are rapidly hiring more live chat assistants all over the world

Social Media Platforms Live Chat Assistant

Live chat assistants are required on several social media platforms and eCommerce platforms:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Twitter

  • Messenger

  • Shopify

  • Twitch

The most important part of your job as a live chat assistant is how you respond to questions from customers (and potential customers).

There are a lot of businesses on the platform hiring more live chat assistants right now.

More and more businesses are using live chat on their websites and using social media platforms that have messaging functions, like Facebook and Instagram.

This means that all of these businesses also need to hire live chat assistants to help them respond to all these messages. If you are reading this job posting right now, we are hiring more people for these jobs right now. Check the criteria here to see if you qualify.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

As An Online Chat Assistant, you can expect to earn between $25 and $35 per hour.

Depending on how much time you can dedicate to your online chat assistant job, you can expect to make hundreds of additional income every week.

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