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I've been using FlowTrack for some time now and I took note of all the things that would be beneficial to share with all of you.

FlowTrack is a new player in the world of website automation online tools. They announce themselves as an online tool to design, automate, engage and sell products and services like a Fortune 500 company. In short, they are an alternative to Clickfunnels, Aweber, Builderall, GetResponse, Mailerlite, and many other similar online tools.

For an affiliate marketer like me, it's very interesting.

The Features


With FlowTrack you can design Websites, Landing Pages, Lead Capture Funnels, Online Commerce, checkout forms, and other custom Forms. FlowTrack will help you with your ranking on search engines with fast page speed and SEO controls.


Design automation Email sequences for follow-up, sales, marketing, signups, order processing, form submissions, and anything else. Add delays and tags. call routing, and more, The automation system also lets you do A/B testing.


A nice feature offered by FlowTrack is the ability to communicate with customers and leads across Email, SMS, and Phone. One simple dashboard to track all your leads


Sell your products, and services, or even collect donations online in 242 countries.

Everything you need in a system to manage and track your sales and orders. You are more efficient when everyone is on the same page with our 360° customer view.

Pros & Cons


  • Contact management (CRM) is very complete and easy to use

  • Domain integration is flawless and easygoing (tested with Namecheap)

  • Designing a landing page/website offers a humongous number of options to choose from or modify.

  • The inputs Dashboard is very interesting and visual.

  • Effective Online Chat Support

  • Inputs Reporting offers a lot of flexibility and filters…export..etc

  • Importing a contact list from another email provider is easy to do.

  • In addition to traditional email follow-ups, Flowtrack also offers SMS, and phone call follow-up systems

  • Wide variety of payment integrations (Paypal, Stripe, etc)

  • Good variety of personal email integrations (Gmail, Google Calendar, Office365 calendar, SMTP Email, etc)

  • Easy to use Flow Builder for automation.

Cons (edited 2022-02-21)

  • URL Page management is not super user friendly... short 3-4 minutes delay before a page becomes accessible from the web.

  • Text color is limited. Not by the choice of colors, but by the flexibility within the text. All the letters in a text box will have the same defined color. We cannot use a rich text editor and give different colors to different words within one text box. FlowTrack would help its users a lot more by simply letting them use a RICH TEXT editor. EDIT 2022-02-21: The Beta version of the page editor is a lot better.

  • The landing page design is not as user-friendly as other tools I've tried. EDIT 2022-02-21: The Beta version of the page editor is a lot better.

  • Outside of Flowtrack University, it is hard to find help. There is no FAQ and no Community forum. The online Chat can help us to find a solution to our problems but the response time is much higher than the 20 min advertised at the time of writing this review (now showing 60 min). I understand that FlowTrack is young and that the support team is probably small and limited by the different time zones.

  • The configuration of the visual aspect between the different screen sizes can be very complex. I would do a video that explains the STYLE MANAGER in depth to help the users like me to understand the function of each option.

  • No Landing Pages Split testing (but it's an upcoming feature)

  • No exit popup options (which are very popular on many landing pages). Can be done through CSS manipulation which is not for everyone.

  • No affiliate offers.

Some FlowTrack screenshots for you

The Design Main Menu

Designing a Website

Contact list overview

Forms creation

Automated Flow Creation 1/2

Automated Flow Creation 2/2 (Drag N' Drop)


If you were one of the lucky people (early adopters) who paid a one-lifetime fee... good for you. It's very cheap for such a product. If you are paying more than $79/month for your landing page builder, funnel builder, website builder, CRM, and all the other tools included in FlowTrack, then you could start to consider switching to FlowTrack and start saving some money.

There is always a learning curve when we switch from one application to another. Be patient and use the online chat support. Eric, Nicky, and Mike will be there to help you.

Honestly, I prefer by far Systeme.IO which offers similar features to Clickfunnels but for a fraction of Clickfunnels's price.

Edit 2021-08-17

After several weeks, I've decided to go back to my previous landing page, email marketing autoresponder software. FlowTrack is for people with higher technical knowledge. I will go back later to see if they improved their editing platform to make it easier to use. If you are looking for a cheap way to build landing pages and have an email autoresponder, this place is totally FREE to use up to 500 subscribers.

Again, offers more and is more user-friendly

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