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How to be approved as an affiliate marketer

How to be approved as an affiliate marketer

When you are not familiar with affiliate marketing or using other affiliate marketing platforms and you need to apply for approval to promote products, it can be frustrating to find that some vendors will not approve you unless you have completed a certain number of sales. If no one accepts you as an affiliate, you may feel that you will never be able to make any sales. However, you will find that most suppliers are just trying to ensure that they only accept affiliates that promote their products in the right way, pre-sell their products, and send them high-quality traffic that can be converted into sales.

Sending a lot of low-quality traffic to the affiliate offer will affect the conversion rate of vendor, which does not help them at all. So if they do approve your request, don’t be surprised or frustrated if they set your commission to be delayed rather than instant. This means they will wait until the 30-60 day money-back guarantee expires, and then you will receive a commission. This is normal, they just don't want to pay you, and then have to refund the customer because they will lose money.

Subsidiary approval request

To increase the chances of your affiliate approval request being accepted, there are many things you can do to help you fill out the request.

These are:

1. Social Media

Connect with product vendors on social media, like, share, and comment on their posts. Sharing their posts will help you stand out, and they will appreciate sharing because it helps bring them more traffic. You can also join Facebook groups such as JVZoo and Muncheye, and interact with their posts to gain more exposure.

2. Live event

If you have the opportunity to participate in live events, be sure to participate. This may be the best way to connect with people and build business relationships and friendships. If you can connect with people at live events, they are more likely to remember you and accept your request.

3. Buy their products

If you let them know that you want to promote the product after purchase, this will greatly increase your chances of getting approval. They will appreciate the fact that you bought it, and they will also see that you are promoting what you have used instead of not knowing what is in the product.

4. How will you promote?

Let them know how you plan to promote their products and the methods you will use to drive traffic to their products. This will help if you have email lists or followers on social media in a niche market related to their products. You want them to know that you already have an audience that is very suitable for their products.

5. Don’t say you’re a student/new

If you're being coached or getting some training from another marketer, don’t specify this. They may not appreciate the other marketer or their promoting strategies. It’s fine to say that you are new to the platform or new to marketing, but in a perfect world don’t specify it. They would favor partners who have little experience.

6. Delayed Commissions

Accept the fact that on the off chance that they don't know you or if you haven’t made numerous sales recently, they are likely to set your commissions to "delayed". Don’t inquire them to set your commissions to immediate payment.

7. After asking for approval

After you have requested affiliate approval and have not had an answer for a few days, you will need to contact them on social media or via email and ask if they can approve you or if there are things to be done to get approved

8. Your products

If you've got your products, let them know. This can be an incredible way to drive traffic through a launch to an affiliate link as long as it’s relevant.

9. Never promote poor quality products

If you promote items that don’t deliver as promised, chances are people will ask for a refund. Sellers will be able to see your refund rate and on the off chance that it’s poor, your request will likely be denied.

10. Stick to your niche

Don't ask to promote products that are outside of your niche. If your niche is in the beauty product, why would request to be approved to promote a new green energy solar system?

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