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How To Make People Take Action

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When it comes to making online promotion as an affiliate marketer, the challenge is to make people take action. No action, no sales. You have to stop selling a product if you want to make money online. I hope that this affiliate marketing tips will help you next time you promote something.

Sell a solution, not a product

The affiliate marketer must understand the philosophy of the potential customer. The truth is that no one cares about your product, no one wants to attend long and boring training. On the opposite side, people do want changes, and they do want to improve their lifestyle. Do you see where I'm going? Don't sell your product, sell how you can improve your potential customer's lifestyle.

Nobody gets involved emotionally with a product...but they will get involved if you are touching their pain point.

Break the barriers

The major key to creating belief is to identify the one thing that will remove the barrier of their objections to trusting you and your offer. That's why, the vast majority of your email sequencing (email campaign) should be about overcoming all those objections.... not to selling your product. Make them believe that your offer can bring the change they are looking for.

Remember this: Your new opportunity is the central key to what your potential customers desire deeply and your offer is the only way they can achieve their goals...If their barriers fall, they have no other choice but to buy.

For example, Your Keto Diet affiliate product is the key to weight loss and is only attainable through Your Keto Diet Custom Plan...

Encouraging action can help to persuade them to follow you. Encourage them, agree with why they failed, reduce their fears, and show empathy.

Expert Secrets

Russel Brunson's book titled Expert Secrets shows how to find a niche online that would be looking for your advice. You can learn tactics, strategies, and ideas to help turn people into your followers and to frame your offerings as a new opportunity to supercharge sales.


So the lesson to remember here is to STOP trying to sell your products. You are not selling a box or a digital product... you are selling a solution to a problem. Build your marketing campaign around that, not around the product itself. Build trust with your potential customers. They must believe that you are the solution to their problems.

PS: If you are an affiliate marketing beginner, you can visit my training section where I regularly post videos and tutorials on how to do affiliate marketing.

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