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How to promote affiliate links for free

How to Promote Affiliate Links

Are you looking for inspiration to find a place to share affiliate links? Well, you have come to the right place! I have searched on the Internet and found that there are not only 15 ways to share links, but also 15 effective ways.

Thousands of affiliate marketers can earn enough income from commissions so that they can quit their daily jobs and rely on their affiliate commissions to pay for their living expenses. Some people can even earn more than six figures, and they can indeed make money while they sleep.

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Let's start exploring 15 ways to promote your affiliate links.

We will explore more deeply each and every one of them.

  1. Blog Post & Comments

  2. eBook

  3. eMails

  4. Facebook Groups, Pages, Personal Profile

  5. Instagram

  6. Landing Page

  7. Linkedin Groups, Profile

  8. Pinterest

  9. Podcast

  10. Quora Answer

  11. Reddit

  12. Twitter

  13. Vimeo

  14. Website

  15. Youtube Videos, Comments

1- Blog Posts & Comments

If you don’t have a blog yet, and no active users reading your content, you need to start right away. Blog posts are one of the best ways to share affiliate links. They are easy to get started, are inexpensive to set up, and provide a lot of SEO value for your website. If you write about what you’re good at, that content is relevant to your audience, and it’s not easily accessible anywhere else, then you have the 3 key elements. Over time, your subscribers will trust the free advice you give them and click on your affiliate link to buy anything you think will improve their lives. It's also a good idea to engage with your subscribers in the comments they write about your blog posts. If your affiliate link is beneficial for them, you can reply to their comment and insert your affiliate link in there.

Blog image

2- eBook

E-books are blog posts, but a bit longer, that contain a lot of valuable and in-depth content on a specific subject. Since this content takes a long time to create and is very valuable to the right users, you can hide it behind the login page and force users to fill out a form to access it, or even on your website Selling at a certain price or sites like Amazon. Since the e-book contains detailed information about a specific market segment, it is an ideal place to include your affiliate link and educate users why they need this product or service in their lifetime.

eBook image

3- eMails

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet. Some websites say "email marketing is dead." This is not the case. Email marketing is very active. Statista conducted research and found that there are currently 3.7 billion e-mail users worldwide. It is estimated that by 2021, this number will grow to 4.1 billion users. Yes, email will not disappear anytime soon.

If you can add a form to your website and/or blog to collect email subscribers, then this is the best choice for generating membership income. You obviously don’t want to send users irrelevant content, because they will unsubscribe in this case, thus sending users spam. Make sure to always subdivide the list to ensure that emails are sent to the right users who may not only open and read your email, but also click on the affiliate link of the offer.

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Email Marketing Image

4- Facebook Groups, Pages, and Personal Profile

Facebook groups are communities around specific types of niches on Facebook. If you are already an expert in a niche market, or are just interested in a niche, then you most likely have joined multiple groups on Facebook. If not, you can easily join a series of groups that interest you.

If you already have a business or personal brand, you need to create a Facebook business page. This is a great place to share company updates, upload new photos/videos, answer user questions, and share your affiliate links.

It is difficult to sell cold lead on a product or service! But it is much easier to sell a friend or family member. These people already trust you and you have established a strong relationship with them. No need to lead them to the funnel or make any sneaky sales strategies against them. Your personal Facebook profile is full of friends and family members who are likely to be willing to buy any related products or services you want to promote.

Facebook Group image

5- Instagram

Instagram has grown into one of the most popular social networks available. The app’s participation is different from any other social network. Similar to Facebook, if you don't already have a large number of followers on the app, you want to use Facebooks ad network to create Instagram feeds or story ads to increase followers. Make sure your account is targeted to a specific market segment and only use high-quality images to make your feed appeal to users. After setting up an account, gaining good followers, and seeing the followers interacting with your photos, you can start to promote your affiliate links in all images and in the link positions in your personal profile.

Instagram Image

6- Landing Page

The landing page is a great way to collect potential customers and further explain what your membership offer is, without them having to jump out of the page. When you are trying to attract attention to something, you have links and ads everywhere, so it is difficult for them to concentrate. A well-designed landing page can solve all these problems and make the leads focus on only one call to action provided by your members. You can link to a website, blog, website advertisement, email or landing page almost anywhere. If the member quotes are very complicated and you want to further explain what the quotes are before allowing them to access the quotes, then the login page would be a good choice.

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Landing Page Image

7- Linkedin Groups and Personal Profile

The Linkedin group is similar to the Facebook group, but it is a more professional platform. Here, you will find people who want to connect and build relationships. If you join the right group and build relationships with members, then they may be more willing to purchase your membership benefits.

Your Linkedin profile is like your online resume. Anyone interested in your business or past experience can refer to it to understand everything you have done in your career. At the top of your Linkedin profile, there is an introduction section where you can briefly introduce yourself. If any fans or potential customers view your profile, this is the ideal place to add your affiliate link.

Linkedin Image

8- Pinterest

Pinterest has not received the full publicity it deserves. Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of the world's largest search engine after Google. The difference with other search engines is that Pinterest is a visual search engine. When sites like Instagram and Facebook become more and more crowded, many users compete for views, while Pinterest hides in the shadows. If you have already posted pictures on Instagram, you can also categorize the board on Pinterest. Make sure to write a detailed description for each picture and include your affiliate link on the picture related to the quote.

Pinterest Image

9- Podcast

Podcasting is rapidly replacing broadcasting and has rapidly gained popularity in the past decade. Popular podcasts have diehard fans who will do or buy whatever the host tells them. If you have never done a podcast, all you need is a high-quality microphone, audio editing software, and a computer. The barrier to entry is very low, and if you increase your followers in a unique niche that has not yet been developed, you can greatly increase brand awareness. Podcast listeners are used to host advertising for sponsors or promotions because they know how podcasts raise funds. Therefore, mentioning your membership offer and telling the audience that they can get more information from it may be the perfect recipe for you to achieve significant results.

Podcast image

10- Quora Answer

If you are an expert in a niche field and like to help others by answering questions, then Quora is your way out. When commenting on questions, affiliate links are strictly prohibited. However, you can add links to landing pages, blog posts, or your website, and if you happen to be promoting your membership benefits, you can bypass this rule. Thousands of people need answers to their questions about Quora, if you think your membership offers can actually solve their problems, then answering their questions and including links to more information can easily get a good commission quickly.

Quora Image

11- Reddit

Reddit is a closely connected community, and you definitely don’t want to send spam through your affiliate links. This will quickly make you banned by the community. However, if you provide very valuable information to the community and show that you are actually trying to help others, then you should be doing well. As with most communities, affiliate links are strictly prohibited, but if you redirect users to a login page that contains more information about your membership offers or blog posts, you can bypass this rule.

Reddit Image

12- Twitter

Twitter may be a good choice. On average, about 6,000 tweets are posted on Twitter every second, which is equivalent to sending more than 350,000 tweets per minute, 500 million tweets per day. Therefore, if you have heard that Twitter is a dying platform, it is easy to misunderstand. It's still very powerful, and a place for short, short content that everyone likes. Due to Twitter’s character limitation, since you cannot describe in detail what your membership offer is, it may be necessary to direct potential customers to the landing page for more information.

Twitter Image

13- Vimeo

If you plan to create video content to promote your affiliate links, it’s best to share the video on as many platforms as possible. YouTube is not your only choice. Vimeo also provides high-definition video uploads and is trusted by more than 70 million users worldwide. If you plan to host your affiliate links on a landing page, website or blog, they also provide excellent embedding tools.

Vimeo Image

14- Website

If you want to build your own brand online or develop an online business, you must have a website. They may take a long time to grow and expand, but the advantages are absolutely disadvantageous. If you have no web developer or no web development experience, there are many drag and drop options to get you up and running right away. To ensure the success of your website and bring you a large amount of affiliate commissions, the two things you need to do are first capture the visitor's email address, and secondly create content to be ranked in search engine results pages.

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Website Image

15- Youtube Videos & Comments

The god of membership income is YouTube. It is also one of the most difficult and time-consuming platforms to develop. If you can successfully develop your channel on YouTube and gain thousands of die-hard subscribers, you will be able to become a member for life. Potential customers flock to YouTube for product reviews, guides, and general recommendations about products and services. Including your affiliate link in the description of all videos and mentioning it in as many videos as possible can bring very effective results. However, in any case, it is not easy to become a YouTube star. To be successful on this platform, it takes hundreds of hours of research, shooting and editing.

If your goal is to become a successful YouTube star and earn membership income from the side, then you will want to interact with your audience and answer as many questions as possible. If you think that more detailed information on your affiliate link or member quote can solve their problem and answer their question, please make sure to put it in the comment section. If it’s not related to the question or it doesn’t help to ask viewers, please don’t share your affiliate link because they will lose respect for you and may unsubscribe from your channel.

Youtube Image


You now have 15 different ways to promote and share your affiliate links on the web to generate revenues. Try them and find out which one is best for your audience.

Do you have anything to share? Do not hesitate to comment.

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