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How to set up an autoresponder and landing pages for FREE

To be successful with Affiliate Marketing, you must bring people to subscribe to your mailing list. Growing your mailing list is crucial to make follow-ups with your potential customers. It's a must!

First of hall, you need to open a FREE account on

After completing this step, go to your inbox and confirm your email address.

Once you have received this email, click the "Get Started" button and it will take you to page to create your own password.

Just enter your account email and enter a password.

Then click the ‘save password’ button.

It will bring you to the ‘Select a Plan’ page…

This is the page where you can create a free account, or upgrade to the pro plan.

This will page will also explain in detail what you are getting, in terms of features, with the free account.

Click on the ‘Free’ option as shown in the picture above.

Then click the ‘continue’ button…

Once done, your Aweber account will have been successfully created…

But before we start creating landing pages and build our email lists.

We need to finish a few important details.

NEXT STEP: Setting up your new Aweber account

After creating your account, this page will greet you:

It is the step 1 of 3 steps to creating your first list.

On this page, you need to enter some information that is important when complying with SPAM laws…

Company name

Do you have a website?

Your contact address

Your email “from” name

Your “reply to” email address

When you have completed that and clicked ‘next’, AWeber will ask you what you’d like your list named as, and a brief description of what your list is about.

Give a name to your new email list.

Enter your list description. This should give the subscriber some information into what they have subscribed for, and why they should stay.

When done, hit ‘next’.

Once done, you’re being brought to the last step in the process.

Creating your confirmation message.

The first thing we need select is ‘choosing our language’...

For this example, we will stay with English.

Next... We need to select our subject line

You can hep the default one, ‘Confirm your subscription’... But you can also click ‘request a custom subject line’ and submit your own subject for AWeber to review.

But for this example, we’ll keep the default subject line.


We need to edit our confirmation email.

To do this, hover over the message preview box and click to edit.

As shown below:

When you’ve done that step, the page will change and look like this:

As you can see from the image above.

There are 3 things you must edit:

1. The email body copy (shown as ‘header’)

2. The button text

3. The signature

For the email body, we want to keep it simple, and to-the-point.

Like this:

“Hey, it’s [your name] from [your website] here!

Thank you so much for requesting a copy of [your free thing]... I know this will be one of the most valuable [book/pdf/mp3/video/webinar] you ever learned from.

But before I can send you this, I need you to do one ‘tiny’ thing… Confirm your email address with me.

This allows me to make sure the goblins up at SPAM castle are happy!

Your [free gift... goody] will arrive in your inbox instantly as soon as you’ve done it.”

For this example, we will keep the button text exactly the same.

Finally, we need to edit the signature…

This will be your name and your website address… Like this:


Once done, it will look like this:

Click ‘Complete Setup’

NEXT STEP : Turning Off double Opt-in option

I would recommend turning off double opt-in confirmation.

You want to add as many people into your email list and receive your emails as possible…

Double opt-in adds an extra step that often genuine subscribers won’t take…

Therefore… You end up missing out on valuable subscribers in your email list.

That’s why I recommend turning it off to begin with.

You can always add it on later, or find other ways to clean your list through engagement campaigns…

So how do you turn double opt-in off in Aweber?

First click on ‘List Options’ in the top navigation bar and select ‘List Settings’ from the dropdown box.

Like shown below:

On the next page, click ‘Confirmation Settings’ in the left sidebar.

As shown below:

Once clicked, you need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and underneath the ‘Confirmation Message Settings’...

Uncheck ‘Send a confirmation for Aweber Sign Up Forms’...

When you click this button, Aweber will show you a confirmation message to confirm you want double opt-in turned off.