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How to Start Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to learning Affiliate Marketing, the main problem is to know how to start, how to get some education, what tools to use and where to promote your affiliate products and services.

Even if Legendary Marketer is a very good place to start your affiliate marketing adventure, there are also 3 other very good options available for you.

Freedom Breakthrough

Freedom Breakthrough offers a 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge online training to help you learning the basics of affiliate marketing. It's a paid course, but it's less than a happy meal at McDonald's.

Commissions Academy

Commissions Academy offers FREE online training to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.T heir Fast-Start training is a series of video that teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and they also present a series of tools to use as an affiliate marketer.

Commissions Academy has a joint venture with Wealthy Affiliates that is the second options I want to talk about.

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates is more than just a training website to become an affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliates offers:

  • Training

  • Website cerate

  • Content management

  • Website domain

  • Affiliate program search engine

  • and more

With Wealthy Affiliates you have almost everything you need to start affiliate marketing in one place. All you will have to get is an email autoresponder...just like AWeber.

No matter is you choose Legendary Marketer, Freedom breakthrough, Commission Academy, or Wealthy Affiliates, they are three good choices to start affiliate marketing. All of those websites will help you to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

If you found some other good places to learn affiliate marketing, do not hesitate to comment this blog post.

Have a nice one.

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