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Legendary Marketer : Good or SCAM? Pros and Cons. My Honest Review.

Legendary Marketer Review

Starting a journey of becoming an affiliate marketer can be confusing. There are several things to know and understand before doing so. Avoid the mistakes other affiliate marketers did. Get some training.

Does this sentence rings a bell?

Of course, you can find many Youtube videos... That's what I did... and guess what? I ended being even more confused. One affiliate marketing "guru" will say to do this... the second one will recommend to do that...and sometimes it's the complete opposite from one another.

Legendary Marketer offers you a 15 days training to help you understand more about affiliate marketing. Not only do you gain valuable information, the team behind Legendary Marketer takes you by the hand and doesn't leave you alone trying to unravel all the information you might find all over the web.

The 15-day training is very cheap and covers all the main topics regarding affiliate marketing. If you can't afford $7US for a complete training, then I would recommend to find another side job. $7US It is not much to equip yourself properly and go on the adventure of affiliate marketing. You will have one on one interviews with your personal advisor via Zoom. The latter is there to help you on your journey and in your learning. During these interviews, it's the perfect time to ask questions about the last modules you have learned.

Follow this link to register: 15 days challenge Legendary Marketer


  • The training covers the main basic topics to become a successful affiliate marketer

  • The training is easy to follow

  • David Sharpe is a very good speaker and has a great reputation

  • A personal advisor is assigned to you (but he also tries to sell)

  • Easy to understand website

  • You can promote their program once you complete the 15-day training

  • Facebook group is very helpful... the community is very nice

  • Daily LIVE videos with successful students/affiliate marketers


  • The advisor can be a bit pushy to sell you additional training

  • Additional training is expensive

  • Training videos are somewhat a bit outdated, should be updated with 2022 reality

  • To receive the best commission percentages you must become a Pro member (30$/mo).

  • I would have loved to see more HOW TO IMPLEMENT during the training sessions.


Legendary Marketer is NOT a SCAM. However, you will feel some pressure to buy the upsells they have to offer. The upsells are very expensive and they will give you many tricks on how you can find the money... I didn't like that part of the 15-day challenge. Nonetheless, the information I received from the training is very valuable and helped me to build my online business. I didn't buy any of the expensive upsells, and I must admit that if I had done so, my online business could have grown faster. Remember that the cost of the 15-day business builder challenge is only $7... so you can't expect to receive thousands of dollars of value inside this basic training.


What helped me the most is that I combined the 15-day business builder challenge with the 3-day business breakthrough challenge. The second one is slightly different, is offered by a different successful affiliate marketer, and teaches you different things. The 2 combined helped me a lot to become successful. The 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge is also $7.

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