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Marketing on YouTube for your business...

Youtube Marketing
Youtube marketing

Video can be an important part of online promotion, especially when it is used as part of an effective marketing strategy including digital sales channels. Leadpages provides many channel functions for small businesses under tight budgets. You can also improve engagement and sales conversion rate through visual FAQs, and reduce customer support costs.

People misunderstand the difficulty and cost of video production. The fact is that making a video can be as simple or as complicated as you want, and you can spend as little as possible on making the video itself. Lone Rangers have been using it, and most people have no similarities with the production team. They invest in basic equipment, use easy-to-use software designed for non-technical use, and then complete it. Small or home businesses can do the same.

What will you need to start?


You will need to open an account on Youtube. It's pretty easy to do and very user friendly.

There is a tutorial made by google that you can see --> here


You don't have to equip yourself with the new recording studio with advanced equipment. In fact, Make it as simple as possible at the beginning. A beautiful bookcase with related books can create a good background in a bright room. First, you can open it with your smartphone like many other smartphones. When you decide to improve, you don't have to spend a lot of money on the equipment. Most videos are not necessary for basic videos, and may not even be suitable for video marketing for small businesses. We recommend using Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam for high-quality video streaming or recording, A IUKUS USB Microphone for vocals, dubbing or commentary. Also recommended, make sure to have a good lighting and for that we recommend the Sensyne ring light with tripod. They all provide many online videos and friendly blog features at reasonable prices.


  1. Use natural keywords in your video title

  2. Add information about your video to the Description section.

  3. Customize the settings to allow or not allow comments

  4. Average length should be around 10 minutes

  5. Reply to the comments you receive

  6. Share & promote your YouTube Channel on your website, email signature & other social networks.

  7. Establish a schedule to poste new videos... and respect it.

  8. The last screen of your video should contain information about your business, website, etc.

  9. If one of your video is more popular....copy cat the format and style for your next ones.

It's really simple. Even the most basic channels will benefit your small business. This is the most important practical content.

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