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OLSP System Review

Have you ever seen an online money making system with affiliate marketing and traffic?

In this article, I will conduct an "OLSP system review", which also supports you to make money online through affiliate marketing. Especially when you register, it is free to start.

Of course, they not only support affiliate marketing, but also support your traffic. Even more interesting... you will get affiliate marketing training for FREE. Hours and hours of training for absolutely no fee.

What is the OLSP System?

OLSP is a system that allows you to earn money related to affiliate marketing online. It was created by Wayne Crowe and the Traffic Domination team. Based on the number of people in the traffic Dominators Facebook Group, there are actually over 77K participants.

You get training on affiliate marketing and Wayne Crowe will teach you how to promote products. You can also monetize your membership through the OLSP SysTem. All for free!

How to Register to OLSP?

I would recommend to register first to the Traffic Dominators Facebook Group.

After writing your email address you will be redirected to the page below. Simply follow each steps. Watch your email inbox.

When all the steps are completed, you will have access to their Facebook group and also to the OLSP System itself.

What Does the OLSP Sytem has to Offer?

1- Free Training.

OLSP is providing you with 9 units of training, each containing several other training that goes from understanding OLSP, Building your Mailing list, understanding their own products, Traffic Hacks and many more.

2- Traffic

Traffic Domination would not be Traffic Domination without Soloads. OLSP is selling traffic to your landing or bridge page at a lower cost of what you ould pay elsewhere. I didn't try it yet, but I will give it a try with the 100 FREE clicks that I've earned on the OLSP System.

3- TD Pages.

TD Pages is a separate system but it's a well done website designed to let you create landing page or bridge page for FREE (14 days trial period). They have several templates that you can use to create attractive landing pages. TD Pages will show you statistics about your pages. You will have the ability to perform split testing and more.

4- Comment Dominator

Comment dominator is a FREE sub-system where you can publish one of your Facebook post and have many people from the Traffic Dominators community to leave a comment on your post. It generates activities on your Facebook posts. I must admit that this feature is pretty fantastic! It created activities on my Facebook posts like never before... All made by humans... no bots involved. A must try! On the other side, you are also invited to leave comments on other's Facebook posts... it's a Win-Win situation... you help others and they help you too.

For every 10 comments that you give.... you will get a point... I'll explain the point system just below.

5- Points System

In your OLSP dashboard, you will notice that you have points. Those points are useful to get bonuses, cash prizes or solo ads clicks if you rank in the top 10. You get points for every 10 comments you leave in the comment dominator...also when people register following your mega link...1 Point just for logging in the OLSP system (1 per day). 100 clicks has a value of $90 USD...

Pros & Cons of OLSP System


  • Free Tutorial courses

  • Proven System

  • Bonuses if you reach the top 100

  • Insane support from the community with the Facebook Group with over 108K members

  • Weekly live streams from Wayne Crowe and his guests

  • Membership monthly cost is high (TD Pages)

  • VIP is costly

  • Variety of tools and products


  • Easy to get lost with the several tools

  • Instructions are vague and rely a lot on the Facebook Group

  • Videos are not very professional look.


OLSP system is a very good place to learn a lot of different things about affiliate marketing. They offer more freebies than wealthy affiliate. commissions academy or some other places I've found over the last few months.

Give it a have nothing to lose!

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