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How To Build A Sales Funnel

Becoming an affiliate marketer is not simply representing products and post affiliate links everywhere on the web. Doing so could have you banned from social networks. The idea of affiliate marketing is to promote products or services from a specific niche to a specific audience.

But how? How can I promote products and services with my affiliate links and make money with that?

My answer to that is that you need a strategy, some tools, and a lot of content.

The image below describes visually how you should manage your affiliate sales.

Sales funnels Explained

Point # 1

Your main goal would be to create content on as many platforms as possible. In the published content, you will insert the affiliate links of the product or service promoted.

Point # 2

When a prospect clicks on your affiliate link, instead of sending the prospect directly to the sales page of the product or service that you are promoting, you send the prospect on a landing page of your own. On that landing page, you will simply reproduce the look of the sales page of the product or service you are promoting. You try to copy the color and the layout so that the prospect will feel that your landing page is part of the process. Don't get me wrong here... you are not misleading people. Don't use trademarks on your landing pages.

Point # 3

The goal of doing this is to build your email database and make follow-ups with the prospect if there are no sales made on the initial contact. The best email marketing tools will allow you to apply tags to the potential customer. The main objective of the tags is to identify who is a prospect and who became a client. It will also help you to categorize your prospects, especially if you want to promote products or service from different niches (e.g. Health, Wealth, etc). You would not want to send a follow-up email to people who already bought the product.

Point # 4

After potential customers subscribe to your mailing list, you can transfer them to the sales page of the product or service you want to promote. The sales speech is made on that sales page and belongs to the company you are promoting the product or service.

Point # 5

Your prospect was convinced and choose to buy the product. That's the payment page

Point # 6

The customer received a thank you email or is directed to a Thank You page for the purchase made

The Best Training For Sales Funnels

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Sales funnel: You will need a tool to manage your strategy. There are many tools available out there. Monthly prices vary but some offer free plans.

Here are some sales funnel services:

Landing page: Sales funnel providers mostly offer landing pages creation. Some email marketing platforms also offer landing page services like Aweber and Mailerlite.

Aweber (Email Marketing, Landing pages, Subscription forms, etc) FREE up to 500 subscribers

Email marketing: An email marketing service (also called auto-responders) is essential. That tool will give you the opportunity to make email campaigns. The email marketing services will be your main tool to make follow-ups with the potential customer

Here are some email marketing services:


Mailer Lite





  1. Bring awareness with your content on different platforms

  2. Generate interest with your landing page

  3. Sales speech... a decision is made to buy or not

  4. Payment and commission for you

the 4 steps of sales funnels
The 4 steps of sales funnels

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