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Sounds & Music For Your Websites and Videos

music and sound effects
music and sound effects

We all know that sounds and music can add some added value to your websites and videos. But where can you find royalty free music and sounds? We did some research and here are a few places to get some free stuff.

Bensound offers some royalty fee music. Some of them are free to download, but some need you to register on their website for a somewhat high yearly cost. Some music can be bought, but the cost is quite high.

Orangefreesounds offers a variety of sound clips like loops, sound effects, and music.

Epidemicsound offer a free 30 days trial, after what the monthly cost will be $15/month or $144/year. you can download music and sound effects.

Purple-planet offers music either for FREE, for $8 or $40 depending on the usage of the soundtrack.

Silvermansound has a limited list of free songs that you can use and download for free

When you need quality music, Soundstripe is the answer. Founded by three professional musicians, obsessed with quality. Their Grammy-winning sound engineers ensure every song in their library is exceptional. Plus, they add new music every week. No matter what project you’re working on, we’ve got the songs you need.

Hooksounds gives you many choices when you want to download a song. Either you will promise to mention them in your video and get the song for free, or you can pay a Pro license for $24, a business license for $49 or a broadcast liense for $580. has a limited selection of free to download music and a wide variety of paid songs.

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