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The Best Drone Affiliate Programs

The Best Drone Affiliate Programs

Drones have been around for quite a long time and their popularity has started ot become huge only recently and the projections are that it will continue to grow during the next few years.

Nowadays, drones are used for entertainment, agriculture, delivery of goods, for military purposes and so on.

Due to its popularity, new rules and regulations have started to appear. Many countries now require a license to pilot a drone. I would not be surprised to see an increase in drone pilots requirements in a near future.

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So.. .that being said, here is my list of the top drone affiliate programs. I have put them into categories because some affiliate programs that I present are not necessarily for drones, but for drones related niche.


Drone Training

  • ABJ Drone Academy

  • Pilote Institute

  • DroneU

Drone Videos & Images

  • DroneVideos

  • B&H Photo

Drones & Parts

  • Cafago

  • Swellpro

  • Verydrone

  • AerialTech

  • Samy's Camera

  • OneDrone

  • Adorama

  • DroneNerds

Drone Training

ABJ Drone Academy
ABJ Drone Academy

ABJ Drone Academy offers special drone training, including drone simulations, prep courses, and more. ABJ Academy help your target audience to prepare for their FAA Part 107 exam (licensed drone operator)

Commission Structure: 40%-70%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Pilote Institute
Pilote Institute

The Pilot Institute sells courses on drones and airplanes. They also prepare people for the FAA with the Part 107 Commercial Drones License course. They also offer courses for private drone pilots with online courses.

Commission Structure: 20%

Cookie duration: Not specified


DroneU offers both in-person and online drone training.

They also provide online Part 107 FAA training courses which include practice tests to prepare students for the certification.

Commission structure: 15%

Cookie duration : Not specified

Drone Videos & Photos


Dronevideos sells drone videos. Pretty obvious right?

More and more people wants to have videos of photos taken from the sky. This could be an excellent way to make money with this service. They perform drone videos in the U.S.A.

Commission Structure: 10%

Cookie Duration : Forever after the first purchase

B&H Photo
B&H Photo Video Pro Audio

B&H are specialized in photo, audio and video products. They sell many different photo and video products, like cameras and drones. On the B&H website, They have drones for Pros, beginners, commercial drones, racing drones and so on.

Commission Structure: 2%

Cookie Duration : Not mentioned

Drones & Parts


Cafago is large online electronics store. They sell many different products, not only drones.

Commission Structure: 6%

Cookie Duration: 45 days


Waterproof drones is the speciality of SwellPro. It's perfect for people needing to have drone videos, photos above water (sailing, swimming, fishing)

Commission Structure: 5%

Cookie Duration: 60 days


VeryDrone is a drone dealer offering DJI and Autel models. They don't only recreational drones but also commercial drones for purposes like agriculture, rescue, inspection, and more.

Commission Structure: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned


AerialTech is a company based in Canada. They sell drones and parts with delivery to Canada and U.S.A.

Commission Structure: 4%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Samy's Camera
Samy's Camera

Samy's Camera is an electronic reseller. They sell anything from Cell phones, cameras, videos equipment, and drones. They mainly sell DJI drones with a few other brands.

Commission Structure: 3%

Cookie Duration : 30 days