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The Perfect Landing Page

The landing page is one of the most important elements for any affiliate marketer. It represents your visit card. It's your principal way to show your audience that the product or service that you are promoting will resolve their problems.

The landing page must catch the attention of your visitors. It must keep them entertained and it must keep their attention and focus on what you are promoting.

Let's discover the anatomy of the perfect landing page together.

The key elements of the perfect landing page are:

  1. The main headline and a supporting headline.

  2. Who are you? Introduce yourself to build trust

  3. Collect the name and email address of visitors (Popup Opt-inForm or Opt-in Form)

  4. Benefits/Bonus of your offering.

  5. Images or video showing to warm up your audience.

  6. Social proof, testimonies

The title and supporting headline

Your title is the very first thing your visitors will see. It is crucial that it describes VERY clearly what the visitors will get once they land on your page. It must grab the attention and interest of visitors. Your title must force the visitor to stay on the page and continue reading. Make it SHORT, between 10-15 words.

The supporting headline will provide more details about your offer. What problem is your offer resolving and how can the visitor be interested in that.

The title should contain the main keywords or long-tail keywords associated with the product or service that you are promoting. Do research on online tools such as Ubersuggest to find out the best keywords to use.

Example of title: How To Lose Weight Naturally Without Going To The Gym, Using Supplements, or deprive yourself of the food you love

Example of supporting headline: Ever wanted to <problem to solve> without <annoying things people hate to do>. Alternatively, if you prefer, “Ever wanted to lose weight without fasting or using any chemical supplements”

Who are you? Present yourself to build trust

Give a little bit of information about yourself. Why should people trust you or what you are selling? Mention that you are helping your visitors to resolve their problems. Maybe you can also add a picture of yourself.

In our lose weight example… it could be something like this:

Example: My name is <Your name> and I help people to lose weight without <pain point of your audience>

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Collect the name and email addresses of your visitors

If you are an affiliate marketer, you do not want to send your visitors directly to the offer you are promoting. Once that visitor is gone… it is gone. However, if you collect the name and email address before sending the visitor to your offer, you will have a chance later to offer similar products and services and make more sales. Your email list will soon become your butter and bread. The collection of the name and email address can be combined with the call to action (see below). For example, it could be a button calling the visitor to take action where once clicked, it will open a popup form asking for the first name and email address.

Benefits/Bonus of your offering

Give a little bit more details about your offering but do not disclose everything. Be brief by using bullet points to display the values of your offer. Keep some mystery around your offer so that people will be curious to learn more. Offer a free bonus to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

Images or video showing to warm up your audience

A video of yourself presenting the offer… a promotional video of the product or service… the essence of the video is to warm up your audience and invite them to take action.

If you use images, make sure they are high-quality and relevant to your offer.

Call to action

The call to action can be part of a lead form or it can be a standalone button click on the page. A call to action is a key element of conversion, so where you place it and how you design it is an essential consideration. The call to action should be convincing, exciting, and persuasive. You can find it directly below the image or below the testimonials section.

Social Proof, testimonies

Social proof and testimonies can be very convincing. By using social proof or testimonies, you can show that other people have purchased what you offer. If a visitor sees someone else before them using your offer, they are more likely to convert. You can use social proof on your landing pages by providing a count of the number of signups, using social signals from public networks, or using some customer testimonials and customer reviews.


Remi Cote is a blogger specializing in the world of affiliate marketing and how to make money online as well as 30 years of experience in the IT industry.

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