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Top Crypto Affiliate Programs

Top crypto affiliate program

Well, who never heard about crypto these days?

You've certainly heard about Bitcoin, Etherum, or Dogecoin right?

I've searched the web to find the best crypto currency affiliate programs. I've found many... but the list below contains the ones that appear to be the best ones.

Some offer high ticket affiliate commissions and some others not... Honestly, I'm not into any crypto for now... but I know that crypto is super popular. So I will probably take a deeper look into this.

My Top Crypto Affiliate Programs goes like this:

  1. Binance

  2. Cex

  3. Changelly

  4. Coinbase

  5. Cointracking

  6. eToro

  7. Ledger Wallet

  8. LiveTrader

  9. Paxful

  10. xCoins

These crypto affiliate programs are not necessarily crypto wallets. You can find trackers, wallets, storage, etc... so you can promote many of them at once because they are covering different things. It's just a lot better for your commissions :).

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Take a look at these programs to see if they fit your needs, or your niche.

1- Binance

Binance Affiliate Program

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange. It’s a crypto-to-crypto exchange, which means there are no fiat currency payment or withdrawal options.

Binance is probably the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. For that reason, it converts very well, making it one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs to promote.

Commission structure: 20% commissions, with an opportunity to increase it up to 40%

Binance also has a lifetime commission, meaning every time someone you referred makes a trade you get a percentage.

2- CEX

CEX.IO Affiliate Program is a cryptocurrency exchange that is beginner friendly because of its user-friendly interface. They offer different cryptos and different currencies.

Commission structure: 30% of your referrals’ trading fees, including all of their future purchases and sales.

This is one of the only programs in this niche that doesn’t set a time restriction on earnings, which makes it an amazing way to earn recurring passive income for the lifetime of the referral.

3- Changelly

Changelly Affiliate Program

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange service that allows you to exchange money for different cryptos. They offer great crypto-to-crypto rates for over 150 different cryptocurrencies.

Commission structure: 50% revenue share for the lifetime of the referral. The commissions are paid in Bitcoin.

4- Coinbase

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase is a very popular cryptocurrency exchanges, and they are especially well known as the first choice for Bitcoin buyers beginners.

Commission structure: They have 2 options for your commissions

Refer-a-Friend: $10 worth of Bitcoin each time a person you refer makes a purchase (minimum $100 if they bought within a 180 days timeframe since registration).

Real Affiliate Program – 50% of the trading fees of your referrals for the first 3 months.

5- CoinTracking

CoinTracking affiliate program

CoinTracking is a cryptocurrency trade tracking software. It supports all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Commission structure: 20% commissions on purchases with no expiration date

6- eToro

eToro affiliate program

eToro is a trading platform that included cryptocurrencies a few years ago.

Commission structure: CPA payments after their referral makes a deposit. Depending on the deposited amount, you could make a large commission.

7- Ledger

Ledger Affiliate Program

Ledger Wallet is a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies that allows users to safely store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with an offline private keys.

Commission structure: 10% commissions for each sale, paid in Bitcoins.

8- LiveTrader

LiveTrader Affiliate Program

Livetrader is a crypto bot trading platform that trades 24/7 automatically based on your trading settings & strategy.

Commission structure: 30% recurring commissions.

9- Paxful

Paxful affiliate program

Paxful is a P2P crypto marketplace for trading Bitcoins. They offer hundreds of payment methods.

Commission structure: 50% of Tier 1 and 10% of Tier 2, 2% Lifetime earning.

10- xCoins

xcoins affiliate program

xCoins is a Bitcoin secured lender that accepts both credit cards and PayPal.

In big plus for xCoins is that you can return the Bitcoin to the lender and get your deposit back.

Commission structure: 50% commissions on the lifetime of the referral. Tier 2 commission is at 3% for a lifetime.