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You Are All Affiliate Marketers, But You Simply Don't Know It

How to start affiliate marketing

Yes you read it right. You are doing affiliate marketing without knowing it. Read this blog post and I will show you how to start affiliate marketing and become an affiliate marketer.

So, the title of this blog post states that you are an affiliate marketer... but you simply don't know it.

Are you asking why?

Ok... Read this carefully.

Have you ever talked with a friend, your mom, your dad, a brother, a sister, or a colleague about something you bought?

Of course you did...

Either you mentioned to your relatives about your new car... a book that you loved... a restaurant that serves delicious food... or about how nice your hotel was... you were doing some sort of affiliate marketing. The only problem is that it was more "unaffiliate marketing". What I mean here is that you promoted those things for free because you were not affiliated to a company to promote their products or services.

During those discussions with your relatives, you were promoting something... a product... a service. If one of them bought that same product or service... then you simply lost money.

Why is that?

Affiliate marketing is exactly the same process....except that you are being paid a commission when someone buys the product or service you are promoting.

Isn't it just WOW? It's that simple! Really! Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model that can bring you extra money for using the things that you love and for promoting them online.

But how to start affiliate marketing and become an affiliate marketer?


First of all read the blog post affiliate marketing step by step and come back here.

All done? Ok let's continue.

Secondly: get some education about affiliate marketing. However, I would not recommend to go on your own and find free videos. Trust me... been there done that. It's a waste of time. Get a super low cost training by clicking RIGHT HERE

Don't be afraid to signup...I did it myself and I don't regret it. I will never lose my name promoting a product that I didn't try myself or promoting something I do not believe in.

When you are done with your online training... you can join my Facebook Group which will help you to build your online business.

You will not be alone to start your affiliate marketing journey. You can trust me to help you out.

In the meantime... you can download the eBook that I wrote that contains a lot of checklists to help you get on the fast lane with your online business. Click the following link to download my eBook called The Ultimate Affiliate Marketer Checklists Library

Not convinced? Fair enough. Then why don't you just watch my FREE video about affiliate marketing? Just go to my TRAINING section

Have a nice one!

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