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Youtube adds hashtags search option

In January, Youtube has launched a new option where users can search with hastags that will provide a full page display of videos that include the hashtag used in the research.

Youtube Hashtags search option
Youtube Hashtags search option

If you look at the example in the above image, you will notice in the search bar that I wrote #affiliatemarketing. Youtube gave me a full page of videos using that specific hashtag.

In addition to content discovery, this can also be used for other purposes. With this action, you can now also search for related hashtags related to your own content and their respective popularity, and you can also use each of the listed clips to get more insights about related tags-then click Look at those that are also used frequently.

The list of videos presented can also provide guidance for the effective content in each category or topic. Because as YouTube says, videos are listed by popularity, it can help you understand the video title that best suits each topic, thumbnail, etc.

In any case, it is not a big evolution, but it is an interesting choice for research and discovery, and may be very useful for your YouTube strategy. Both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube can now use the new hashtag search display.

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